Cyber Monday Sale @ JMS Books

Did you miss the Black Friday Sale? Worry not, these days there are sales left and right. We’re having a Cyber Monday Sale over at JMS Books today and tomorrow.

Since I suggested you’d stock on Christmas books last time, perhaps we should have a look at some paranormals this time?


Sadly, no new books have popped up in the last two days, so the titles available are:

  • 2020 Top Ten Gay Romance (Turning Wood)
  • 24 Dates
  • Banger Challenge
  • Black Bird
  • Crazy Joe
  • Cup o’ Sugar
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Jaeger’s Lost and Found
  • Legendary Loves (Pine Tree Mary)
  • Nine Stones
  • Pine Tree Mary
  • Quinny, Focus!
  • Soul Eater
  • Turning Wood
  • When Skies Are Gray

You’ll find them all here!

Happy reading

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