What Are You Doing?!


In general, I’m a person who gets things done. I’m never late – there is nothing that gets on my nerves more than a person being so disrespectful as to be late. Seriously, just typing that made me consider maybe doing a post about time thieves and self-centred people instead of procrastination as I’d planned LOL.  

I’m pretty mellow, but I’ll break up with you if you’re late. You might think I’m joking, but I’m not. I guess we all have something that really ticks us off, time is mine.

I might – MIGHT – forgive you once, but the trust is forever tarnished, sorry. So unless you’re mortally wounded, you damn well show up on time or hand in whatever you’re supposed to hand in on time or we’re done. I have enough problems, I don’t need to surround myself with people who think their time is more valuable than mine. I get seriously offended.

So, rest assured, I never miss a deadline. I’ve never missed a deadline in my entire life. But… Sometimes, I could’ve done things faster than I do. 

There are mainly two things I do when I’m not really in the mood to do author-y things. 

  1. I bake. I wish I’d like to cook more than I do, then I’d probably been cooking, but cooking is a must while baking is something I enjoy. So I bake. The kitchen will have bread on the rise on every cleared surface.
  2. I watch videos on Facebook. Not funny videos, not clips on Youtube, not music videos as my darling husband often does. No, I watch The Dodo about dogs getting rescued. Or Hope for Paws. I can spend hours watching one dog (and the occasional cat) after the other getting saved. 
  3. If I don’t bake and I’m not in front of the computer watching dogs, you’ll probably find me out with the hens. They need me to come talk to them. Especially Hedwig. She needs me, so what can I do? LOL

Worry not, I’ll have everything done in time, but I might have to bake a little or watch some poor doggie stuck somewhere get rescued before I’m done.

Right now, I feel like I’m not finishing anything. It’s not true. I have a lot going on, and a lot of things get crossed off my to-do list (ClickUp people! ClickUp is a lifesaver) daily, but I’m not producing any new shiny words. Soon, though. Soon, I’ll write.

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