Read Around the Rainbow


You might have noticed there is a new Read Around the Rainbow image in the sidebar. It’s a fun little project we’re starting this month. On the last Friday of the month, there will be a blog post. I’ll alternate between Ofelia and Holly depending on what’s going on, and if it’s a topic that fits, I might do posts on both, we’ll see.

It’s a webring, and I’m blaming my youth (snort) here because I had no idea whatsoever what a webring was. I think the lovely Ally (A.L. Lester) started talking about this back in the autumn, suggesting we’d do something together and have people jump from blog to blog – like a webring…

Apparently, this was a thing back in the Stone Age 😆

But it sounded like a fun thing to do. So while it didn’t happen in the autumn when we first started talking about it, it’s happening now!

Every month, a bunch of LGBTQIA2S+ authors will blog on the same topic.

If you click the previous or next or random link below the picture in the sidebar, you’ll end up on one of the other participants’ sites. So keep an eye out on the last Friday of the month either on my or Holly’s blog.

The participants:

A.L. Lester

Nell Iris

Lilian Francis

Fiona Glass

Amy Spector

Addison Albright

K.L. Noone

Ellie Thomas

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