Guest Post | Between Hurt and Comfort By Alexa Piper


Today, Alexa Piper is back on the blog. It’s always nice with returning guests, don’t you think? 😊 Welcome, Alexa!

How can you move forward and toward something you want when everything in your life is darkness and pain? That is one of the questions Will, one of my main characters in Witch Wolf, is asking himself.

When I first wrote about Will, I didn’t know much about the character, but I knew he was hiding a lot of pain behind attitude. Figuring out what had made him this way drove me to write Witch Wolf, but I didn’t just want to show all the many ways in which Will had been hurt. From the start, what I wanted was to see Will move away from the pain and toward something he chose for himself: freedom. Becoming a witch. Not being afraid all the time.

That made a book that could have been very dark from beginning to end into something that’s hopeful. There are even moments of laughter and light-heartedness. This was important for me, because a hurt you carry inside you may be something that you carry with you, but that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy things in life, can’t find laughter and happiness. Because you can.

And Will does find his happiness. He is not “over it” by the end of the book, and frankly, after what he’s been through, he’ll never be. But he survived his ordeal and finds a way to thrive.

Read Will’s story:



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61062183._sy475_Will is a witch wolf, a werewolf who can do magic, but his life so far has been anything but magical. He was sold by his own pack and for four years, Will suffered as a slave to his captors — who used him any way they wanted. Now, after a leap of courage has brought him to Colin’s doorstep, Will’s past should be just that, his past.

Colin can see the new apprentice he’s supposed to teach magic to has been hurt. Colin wants to comfort the young werewolf who takes to magic much more easily than he takes to human contact. Their attraction seems mutual, but how can Colin be certain Will even knows what he wants?

As slow affection grows between Colin and Will, Will’s magic does as well, and he allows himself a sliver of happiness. Except the dark past Will thought he escaped from is not quite done with him, and now, it’s not just Will’s life on the line, but also Colin’s, the witch Will’s heart is beating for.

WARNING: Witch Wolf contains references to past sexual assault (with none of it happening on the page), which may be triggering for some readers.


About Alexa Piper:

Alexa Piper writes steamy romance that ranges from light to dark, from straight to queer. She’s also a coffee addict. Alexa loves writing stories that make her readers laugh and fall in love with the characters in them.



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Twitter: @ProwlingPiper



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