Guest Post | A Dark New World By Alexa Piper

Alexa Piper is back on the blog! When I first saw this cover come up in my social media feed, I stopped just to look. So pretty 😍 Welcome, Alexa!

Moonlight Cherries_line and image

Hello, Readers! Let me welcome you to a brand-new urban fantasy series with a darker flavor. The series starts off with Moonlight Cherries, a story set mostly at night. Let’s go through the checklist to see if it’s right for you. Moonlight Cherries contains these things:

  • A possessive MC meets a shy MC
  • Courtship
  • Sweet romance
  • “I will kill whoever dares harm you.”
  • So many firsts
  • Chase play
  • Banter
  • A hidden world of magic and myth
  • Side characters you’ll want to find out more about

If you like all those things, you should move on to the content warnings:

This m/m romance contains sexual content only suitable for mature audiences. It also contains graphic depictions of violence, past experiences of homophobia experienced in adolescence, and allusions to conversion therapy.

Well, if you are still here, I have the book description for you, and below that, the links that will lead you to finding the book wherever books are sold. I think you’ll like spending a few days in October with Amory and Soyer.


Moonlight Cherries

Moonlight Cherries_Phoonix Immortal 1_ebook

“I couldn’t change that I was…attracted to a guy I’d watched getting murdered on the subway.”

Amory lives a quiet life as a waiter. The Moonlight Diner is the home he found after he was kicked out and disowned by his family for no other crime than who he loves.

Amory’s life is shaken to its very foundations after a chance meeting that has Amory witness a murder–except the man who dies in Amory’s arms doesn’t stay dead.

Far from being a ghost, Soyer is very real. He pulls Amory into a world in which magic exists and wreaks havoc on the life of unsuspecting people. But within what remains of the spell that touches both their lives, Amory and Soyer may just find love.


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About Alexa Piper:

Alexa (she/her) has a lot of characters living in her head and wanting their stories told. Many of these people get snarky and won’t stop complaining if Alexa is too slow writing them, which means that for this author, sleep is a luxury. Consequently, Alexa is a coffee addict, but she is sure she has it under control (six cups of coffee are normal in a morning, right? Right!?) 


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Facebook author page:



Twitter: @ProwlingPiper




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