Read Around the Rainbow | Do You Have a Writing Plan for Next Year?


It’s Read Around the Rainbow Time!!! Every month, we’re a group of authors who blog on the same topic, and this month I picked the topic! 🥳 It sort of backfired, though. When I suggested it, I was sure I was gonna have a plan in place, but I haven’t.

Do you have a writing plan for next year?

That’s the question, and yes, of course, I have plans. It’s just… My main focus in 2023 is gonna be Holly, both because she’s fun and because she makes the most money, and I’m out of work. So while Ofelia is the name I’m more emotionally bound to, I’m gonna put on my business hat and make the best of the situation. And that is Holly.

That being said, I’m not gonna bury Ofelia. There will be a box set with some of the Up North stories coming out in February. And I have already signed up for next year’s advent calendar, so if everything goes according to plan, there will be a story in December.


My goal is one release per quarter. Anything above that is a bonus, but it all depends a little on if there are any submission calls I want to do. Submission calls are always fun, and it’s not always they fit with Holly’s holidays.

It’s a bit lose and it’s a bit unfocused, and it’s not really me. I’m not comfortable not having everything planned out, but as Ofelia, I’m gonna try to roll with the punches during 2023. We’ll see how it goes!

Do you want to know what the others have planned for next year? I know I do. Below you find links to their posts.

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11 thoughts on “Read Around the Rainbow | Do You Have a Writing Plan for Next Year?

    1. Yeah, it is. And I might change my mind LOL But right now I feel a bit overwhelmed, so I try not to put too much pressure on myself. I think it’ll last a month or two 😂

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  1. Now I feel like Ofelia need write a story about someone being buried alive. On a side note: Being buried alive was one of my biggest worries as a kid. That and quicksand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was one of my biggest fears too! And being cremated alive. Here almost everyone is cremated, so I know I laid awake at night fearing being burned alive. And quicksand. I saw a clip, probably on TikTok but I’m not sure, about a guy who listed things people who grew up in the 80s feared. Quicksand was one of them. I laughed and showed hubby who agreed. Quicksand 😂


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