Wrap-Up Wednesday | December

It’s Wrap-Up Wednesday time, and I have not been reading. A little, very little. I’ve reread some Shelly Laurenston (MF) because I was in the mood for some crazy, but other than that, I haven’t read much at all.

Smoke by Amy Spector

For all the creature and monster stories I’ve read throughout the years, I can’t remember ever having read one about a jinn. It’s a lovely story, and in true Spector form, there is some sneaking around an abandoned house, well in this case it’s an apartment, not a house, but damn, there is always sneaking around in Spector’s stories LOL It’s just to make me nervous, I swear 😆

Smoke Cover HalfSizeWyatt Calder is trapped—in a rundown neighborhood, in a dead-end job, by the endless string of trouble his brother drags to their door—and it seems he’s destined to slowly fade away within the aging walls of Picket House, longing for his best friend’s cousin. That is until his upstairs neighbor Abel Walters dies on the staircase just outside Wyatt’s door.

Saalik has spent most of his existence asleep and waiting for the next person to discover his bottle and claim their wishes. And the last four years playing prized possession to Abel Walters and spying on the downstairs neighbors. But he has a plan. And, like every plan worth planning, it has taken patience. But if life as a Jinn has taught Saalik nothing else, it’s taught him that.

When a break-in sends Wyatt out his second-story bedroom window and into his dead upstairs neighbor’s apartment, he finds more than a place to hide. He discovers a magical solution to all his troubles.

Or does he? Because really, when is life ever that simple?


A Christmas Engagement by Ellie Thomas

My plan as December started was to read a lot of holiday stories. It didn’t happen, but on Christmas Day, I woke with a kid next to me in the bed who’d been feeling poorly during the night, so I didn’t want to move and risk waking her by getting up, so I grabbed my phone, and I read A Christmas Engagement in one go. She woke up when I was on the last page, so perfect timing, and a little holiday feeling for me 🥰

A Christmas EngagementIn 1805, Charles Denham’s comfortable life in Regency London with his long-term partner Avery Mallory is disrupted by the sudden death of his father. As the heir to a modest country estate in Gloucestershire, Charles returns home to care for his bereaved family and take up his new responsibilities.

Overwhelmed with grief, rather than leaning on Avery, Charles rejects his love and becomes fixed on the idea of taking a wife for reasons of family duty alone. With this plan in mind, during early winter, he travels the short distance to Bath only to find that Avery and his family have already arrived at the resort.

Will Charles follow through with his ill-conceived plan for a hasty betrothal by Christmas? Or will he come to his senses and resume his relationship with the nicest man in England?


The Long Way Home by Z.A. Maxfield 

This is my re-read story of the month, and I’m disappointed. I remembered loving this, but now years after, I don’t feel the same way. You can read about why over at Holly’s blog where I talk about it.

The Long Way HomeEver since the accident that cost him his job on the Seattle police force, Kevin Quinn has been living with psychic abilities he refers to as the ‘gift that keeps on taking’. His attempts to use his talents to help the police have met with limited success. Yet, when teenage boys start going missing from the beach cities of Southern California, Kevin gets on a plane.

Connor Dougal has every reason to believe all psychics are fakes and charlatans. He’s still numb from the disappearance of his first love, a boy who went missing ten years earlier. Everything he aspires to is a direct result of that tragedy, even the acquisition of his detective shield. The irony of having to babysit Kevin Quinn is not lost on him.

These two suspicious men must develop trust and respect for one another to solve the case and, on the way, maybe fall in love.


Rainbow Advent Calendar 2022

Rainbow Advent Calendar

Every day there were new short stories in this advent calendar, and I had plans to read at least some of them. I read two… but ah well. They’re still up, so have a look if you’ve missed this.

Single Elves by Anna Martin

I got the feeling this was part of a series, and I was probably meant to have read the story before this one because I didn’t understand all that much. But there were elves and reindeer, so yay Christmas.

Read here! 

What does an android do during the holidays? by Toshi Drake

This was cute! An android named Thomas who’s been working too hard and has to shut down right as he wants to play with his emotions.

Read it here!

That’s it, folks! I haven’t had the headspace to focus on reading, but I hope that will change soon because I miss it. 


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