Read Around the Rainbow | Someone insults your main character, how do they react?


It’s time for the monthly Read Around the Rainbow post. Every month we’re a group of authors who blog on the same topic, and this month we’re talking characters, more specifically:

Someone insults your main character, how do they react?

Had I been another kind of author, I’d written a bonus scene to show how one of my characters reacts, but I tend to forget them the moment I let them go. The little things that make them them disappear from my memory, and if I try to write them again, they’re flat, uncooperative people.

I’m also super stressed about Holly’s deadline that’s coming up, so I’m taking the easy way out 😆

I don’t really know how my characters react when insulted unless they’re insulted in the story, but the first character who popped into my mind when we decided on this topic was Thaddeus in Soul Eater.

Thaddeus is a mage, but a weak one. His favourite spell is reheating his coffee when it’s grown too cold. then one day, he happens to release a trapped spirit from a werewolf skull that he stole from the black market, and he realises that maybe he’s not a mage at all.

But for this topic, we don’t need to know what Thaddeus is other than him being a magic user. His go-to response when insulted, yelled at, attacked, accused, or anything really, is to throw blue sparks at people.

I’ll leave you with a little blue-sparkling snippet below, but before you go:

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Excerpt Soul Eater

Elora cleared her throat. “She was preparing wings to make the women pretty, but it’s their scents enticing her.”
“What?” Ric whirled around and glared at Elora. “What do you know about scents?”
“N-Nothing.” Elora glanced at Thad.
“Seriously, Ric—” Anger manifested itself in more tiny, blue sparks at Thad’s fingertips. “Get out of here. We’re trying to work. We have a few minutes before Elora crashes, and I want to hear what she has to say before she does, so if you could bury your massive ego for a couple of seconds, we’d appreciate it.”
Ric flashed sharp teeth at him, and Thad was tempted to throw a ball of fire at him.
Thad patted Elora’s knee and nodded for her to continue.
“It’s their scent, their magical scent.”
“Magic doesn’t have a scent.”
Thad didn’t so much as think, he flung a rain of blue sparks over Ric. They wouldn’t harm him, but they did sting. Ric hissed, but Thad spoke over it. “Magic has flavor. Every practitioner has a unique…taste.” He didn’t know how to explain so they understood. “As a psychic, Elora can’t sample it, so explaining it as scent makes sense. How can you be able to know what she’s thinking?”
They were running out of time. After Elora had touched something she—’fell asleep’ wasn’t the right expression and she wasn’t unconscious either, rather something in between.
“Not thinking. I saw the wings…sensed the hunger.”


6 thoughts on “Read Around the Rainbow | Someone insults your main character, how do they react?

  1. I think that was part of my problem with this month’s question, too. Once the characters are no longer taking up space in my mind, it’s difficult to say how they would react without rereading my own book.

    I love that Thaddeus‘ favorite spell was reheating coffee! ❤️

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