X-mas Read | Once in a Snowstorm


There isn’t anyone visiting today, so I thought I’d share a little about Once in a Snowstorm

This was a long time ago, and it was a spur of the moment thing. It’s crazy, becuase I know I wrote on this story during NaNo, so in November 2015, and it was released on December 8th the same year. On January 8th 2016, one month later, I gave birth to my youngest daughter. How the heck did I have the energy to write? I suspect it was the only thing I had the energy to do.

Anyway, Once in a Snowstorm is a bit over the top… you know, a bit much LOL. I had this idea of cramming as many of the M/M romance tropes out there into one story as possible. 

It started as a joke. I was chatting with Al Stewart and Amy Spector – I still do on a daily basis – and we were having a laugh about how every character was named Tristan or Aiden, how responsive ever bottom was, and how he always has green eyes, and so on and so on – I give you Aiden and Tristan LOL

Avoid Tourist Traps


“Og!” The dark and the snowflakes made it hard to see. Nothing but snow-covered tree trunks and not a dog to be found.

Another bark came from close by. Tristan squinted into the woods. Og’s bright eyes glowed in the dark. A white-spotted dog was not easy to locate when everything was white-spotted, but now Tristan knew what he was looking at, he could see that Og was indeed trapped. A dark figure held on to his collar, not that Og appeared to be bothered, judging by the happy thump of his tail against the snow, creating a white cloud around both him and the person on the ground.

Tristan took a careful step closer. His grip on the shovel tightened. What kind of lunatic comes into the woods in weather like this?

“Hello?” Tristan stopped a couple of metres away from the body—a man, he saw now—and waited for a response. Only a muffled groan came. Fuck!

Tristan dropped the shovel and hurried forward to the man and shook him lightly. “Hey. Come on, wake up.” The eyelids fluttered as the man tried to open his eyes. Tristan touched his forehead—icy cold. The man was almost completely covered in snow and his hair was wet—Tristan assumed his clothes were, too. Without thinking, he reached for the man’s hand, shook loose his fingers from Og’s collar, and started to pull him out of the snow.

He sighed as he took in the trendy jeans and sneakers. Why can’t people dress according to the weather? If Og hadn’t found him, he’d have frozen to death—he wouldn’t look so pretty in his designer clothes in a casket.

He hefted the man up in a fireman’s lift and started making his way towards the cabin. It was like carrying an ice block. He guessed he should be pleased about the man being short and small framed. His curly dark hair flopped around his face with each step Tristan took.

They weren’t far from the cabin, but ploughing through the snow with the extra weight of the man and Og running around his legs had Tristan sweating and out of breath in no time at all. He grunted as he sank knee-deep into the snow, mentally cursing the stupid man for walking into his forest. He couldn’t stay angry, though. He worried about the man being injured. It would be impossible to get an ambulance out here, and Tristan only had a basic knowledge of first aid. First, he needed to get him out of his wet clothes, that much he knew. Hypothermia was serious business.

Once-in-a-SnowstormDaring a snowstorm might not be the smartest thing Aiden has ever done, but he can’t stand being in his flat a moment longer. With only three days to Christmas, he doesn’t want to be alone. He wants a place to belong, wants people around him who won’t look down on him. He might not find all that at his mother’s place, but at least it’s better than being alone in the city. If he can make it there, that is.

Tristan is looking forward to a quiet night in front of the TV, but instead, he has to save an idiot in designer clothes from freezing to death in his forest. Tristan tries not to notice the man’s good looks, just like he has tried not to notice any man’s good looks for the last seven years. He knows where relationships go and is far better off living alone, with his dog, in his cabin.

Aiden is driving Tristan mad with his bratty comments and irresponsible ways, and Aiden is going crazy from Tristan’s judgmental attitude. Luckily, in a few days, the weather will clear up, and the two men won’t have to be together any longer. But will a few steamy nights with the grumpy lumberjack change Aiden’s mind about wanting to leave? And will Tristan still want to go back to his peaceful, predictable life without fear of getting his heart broken?


Winter Books | Ofelia Gränd

Soon it’s winter!


This year I’ve listed my spring books, my summer books, and my autumn books, and now we’ve come to my winter books. The winter months, according to Google, are December, January, and February, but I’m cheating a little and posting this now.

Winter is my second favourite season, autumn being my absolute favourite. And since Christmas falls during the winter, there will be some holiday stories. It’s always fun to write holiday stories, and I’ve written one this year too – 24 Dates will be published on December 2nd.

There will be more winter books in the future, #PictaBook for example. It takes place in February so, it’s a winter book. It might be my all-time favourite book I’ve written…maybe LOL

But enough about future releases! The winter book I have available now are the following:

Once in a Snowstorm Poor Aiden gets caught in a snowstorm but is saved by Tristan and his beloved dog Og. It’s a 29k contemporary M/M story, and it’s a bit over the top – it’s meant to be. It’s the first in the Nortown series but can be read as a standalone if one so pleases.

Once in the Underworld – This is the fourth story in the Nortown series, and it can be read as a standalone too. It’s about Chris and Gabe. Gabe happened to witness a crime and the police hide him in Nortown. A 31k contemporary gay romance.

Just Words – Nortown 4.5 an Aiden and Tristan short, and if you want to read this, I suggest you read all the stories leading up to it. Maybe not Once in a Forest or Once in May, but rest. A 6.4k contemporary established couple story

Honey Baked – Nortown… erm… the last one I wrote… 5.5! LOL It’s a Christmas story about John and Zach, so read Once in May before you read this one. It’s 8k of Santa kink.

Trapped – Aww, I don’t know what to say about this. It’s not romance, not really. There is plenty of love, but Charlie and William have been married for many years. Their daughter is a grownup, and William doesn’t remember him anymore or most days he doesn’t some days he does, and those are the days Charlie lives for. It’s a 12k contemporary shared-an-entire-life kind of story.

From All of Us to All of You – One of the first stories I ever wrote. It’s about Lucia, which is a holiday of light we celebrate in Sweden. It’s 14k and I don’t dare to open it in fear of what I’ll see there LOL

The Snowflake – Now, who said winter had to be cosy Christmas stories? Here we have some blood and gore and ice sculptures. 21k of crazy love, talking cats, and body parts! Horror, yes, but crazy people can be in love too.

Eight Feet of Magic – Adventure! This is one of those I loved writing. Hank Goodenough and Captain Elezar Steel steer a steam-driven airship towards the Arctic Circle in search of a Yule miracle. 19k of steampunk, and last year I published it one part at the time throughout December on my Facebook page – it’s still there if you search for it.

Turning Wood – Last year’s Christmas story and *drum roll* part of the 2020 Top Ten Gay Romance anthology from JMS Books. I’m super happy about that, thank you to all of you who bought a copy. It’s the first in the Up North series, a series of standalone contemporary gay romances. In this, we get to meet Otho and Mason, two gentle souls who connect over some Christmas food and near-death experiences.

Scary Gary – I love Scary Gary, he’s my favourite grim reaper LOL. This is a short little thing, only 5k, and it free everywhere than on Amazon because they’re effing slow over there. It about Micah who has a shadow who wants to kill him, and when the shadow succeeds, there is Gary – scythe and all.

Happy reading!

Spring Books | Ofelia Gränd

On the news this morning, they declared that we now have spring – metrological, that is. It’s a bit tricky, but according to what they said, we haven’t actually had winter this year (in my area). For it to be winter, there have to be five days in a row where the middle temperature doesn’t go above 0c.

It didn’t happen this year. It’s crazy. We haven’t had snow that has lasted more than a few hours.

blue flowerSo technically, we’ve had spring since autumn, but it isn’t allowed to be called spring until we’ve hit the 15th of February. So now it’s been a week since the 15th and we haven’t had one single minute below 0 degrees celsius – so it’s spring!

I should probably say ‘yay!’ but I feel cheated. The kids haven’t been able to play in the snow for a single day. Terrible.

But, now we’re gonna be positive because that’s who we are LOL.

All this talk about seasons made me think about my books. I was a bit afraid to check, I feared I wouldn’t have any spring or summer stories. I mean, I know I have a few, but I had this feeling of Once in May being the only spring tale I’ve ever written, and Nine Stones being the only summer story.

But, luckily, I forget what I write LOL

So, if you want to make a false start on spring (if we’re gonna go by the calendar, spring is 1st of March to 31st of May in the Northern Hemisphere) these are my spring books:

laughOnce in a Forest (Nortown #2) – Jason, a bartender from the city, comes to Nortown and spots Tom, a gruff lumberjack. It’s an out-for-you kind of story.

The Empty Egg (Nortown #2.5) – Aiden and Tristan from Once in a Snowstorm are celebrating Easter with chocolate and lingerie.

Once in May (Nortown #3) – John is trying to isolate himself in Nortown, but then Zach shows up, and he just won’t go away. A hurt-comfort story.

Acronym (A Tattooed Corpse Story) – Detective Lars Horn has a problem, there is a body that keeps disappearing from the morgue only to come back in fresh again.

Blood on Sand (A DRitC story) – Zoe is a lizard shifter held captive by werewolves and is forced to fight like a gladiator.

Okay, so five was all I had, ha! I think it’s safe to say, spring isn’t the season during which most of my stories take place. If you click the title, you’ll be taken to the page for the book, and there you’ll find excerpts and more links.

Happy spring!