Are You Looking For Some Easter Fun?

How do lumberjacks celebrate Easter?


I might or might not have gone a bit overboard with the lumberjacks. Today one novella and one short story are published in the Nortown series, turning it into a series in fact. I’ve had so much fun writing these stories, though I admit the thought of anyone reading The Empty Egg makes me blush…and giggle.

Once in a Forest is about Tom and Jason. Jason is a friend of Aiden’s who is visiting Nortown over Easter. Unfortunately, things get a little out of hand and Jason ends up with a dog on the run and without a place to stay. While searching for his dog he comes across Tom who is working in the woods. Tom is instantly attracted to Jason but he has no intentions of acting on it, and that would’ve been easy if it wasn’t for the fact that Jason ends up staying with him.


The Empty Egg is a short story and I’m afraid it’s pure filth. It’s about Aiden, Tristan, and an Easter egg containing some silky satin. So for all of you out there who like a little lingerie with your men…

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now there are quite a few tropes in these stories, maybe not as many as in Once in a Snowstorm, but trust me when I say they are there. In Once in a Forest you’ll find some Out for You and Bottom for You along with some city boy/country boy, or rather lumberjack, conflicts. * *

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