Friday Reads | Body of Work

Most of the books I’ve written about this last month have included vampires, and I’m continuing the theme—it’s that kind of month. In Amy Spector’s Body of Work (Cold Fingers #2), it isn’t the MC that’s a vampire. If you’ve read Cold Fingers (Cold Fingers #1), you know that Christopher Minnick is special in his own way but a vamp he is not. No, here it is the fabulous Lee Hellstrom is finding his way back into the limelight and by his side, he has everyone’s favourite boy, Grant Cooper, flashing fangs. Grant isn’t the only having fangs, though.

I love this story, it’s funny and yet quite bloody. The characters are amazing, and I really sympathise with poor Christopher. It’s not easy when you’re trying not to draw attention to yourself, and your old friend drags a TV team to your house. And it’s not easy when the shit hits the fan, and the same old friend goes missing.

This time of year I always envy everyone celebrating Halloween. We Swedes are so boring. If you want to get in the mood for the holiday, bring out the garlic, and check out Body of Work (after you’ve read Cold Fingers of course).

Have you seen that cover? I can look at that bloody mouth all day! Amy is the artist behind it, and many other book covers worth more than a quick glance. *

32734576Life with Vic isn’t exactly what Christopher Minnick was expecting. His boyfriend has given him a new lease on life – literally – but he doesn’t have a job, Jessie thinks he’s a ghost, and there are only so many closets on hand for shoving Jonathan into. Now, with Lee back in the limelight, things just might become more than Christopher can handle.

Lee Hellstrom is hitting the big screen after more than three decades and, with the much younger Grant Cooper at his side on the red carpet, he plans to make a lasting impression. The only problem is that not all the attention Lee has drawn is good.

When Lee goes missing, it’s up to Christopher, Vic, and Grant to save the old man from a most horrible of fates.

Christopher’s life may not have been perfect, but his death is a pain in the ass.

*** Includes special link for BONUS Hidden Chapter short story Dalton Sikes Finds a Body (Grant Cooper Book 2/Cold Fingers Book 2.5)

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