Friday Reads | Dynamics (Army Boys #1)

Yesterday evening I realised I hadn’t read anything since last my Friday Reads post. It’s been a hectic week, lots of things going on, and I was tired. So, I needed something quick and easy. As so many times before I hopped over to Amazon’s 15 minutes reads list, I’ve read just about everything there is (which isn’t much) on the free tab but I hadn’t read Dynamics (Army Boys #1) by Maria Santicelli.

Dynamics is the first in a series and since it’s such a short story I figured it would be an introduction to the main character, and it is, sort of. Trouble is there were so many characters I had no idea of knowing who was who or what the relationship between them was like.

It’s listed as LGBT but the MC, Ty Black, likes women ‘thank you very much’ though he ‘knew sex with women could be a luxury, something that was a reward for surviving a mission.’

The last lines hint at the possibility of Ty and his teammate becoming more than friends in the future, I won’t continue reading to find out, though. I’m not saying it’s a bad story but something about it rubbed me the wrong way. I get that it takes place during DADT and that it complicates things, but I’ll leave it up someone else to follow these men into battle.

– Short Story –

Army ranger Ty Black muses about the group dynamics of his camp in general and his all male team in particular. It’s not easy living the army life, especially in close quarters.

“Dynamics” is the first part of a series that centers around the life and relationships of army ranger Ty Black and his team mates. Nothing runs ever smoothly for any of them, and when inappropriate, unwanted feelings make their existence known, they find it hard to deal with the consequences. Escalation seems inevitable and all they can do is grappling for personal happiness the best way they can.

Other installments in the series / suggested reading order:


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