Friday Reads | Resurrection Man

I’ll be super quick today because I’ve been working, and my kids are jumping up and down waiting for us to go to my mother. But I have read, I have read Resurrection Man by Laylah Hunter.

It’s short, it free, and it’s a little gruesome. A nice bring-your-partner-back-from-the-dead-and-suffer-the-consequences story.

The copy I downloaded was, sadly, mostly filled with excerpts from other stories and I don’t think I’ve ever read something where 60% of the book is other stories. So that pissed me off, which is unfortunate because I enjoyed the story, a little Frankenstein with your coffee is never wrong!

Check it out! *

Book Cover Resurrection Man by Laylah HunterNecromancy means never having to say good-bye.

Consumption has claimed the life of Adel St. Claire, cutting him down in his prime. But his lover, Josef Leitner, isn’t ready to let him go. To get Adel back, Josef is willing to risk the anger of Adel’s family, make unsavory deals with a corrupt mortician, and challenge the authority of death itself.

Even if he can reanimate Adel’s body, Josef’s next challenge may be more daunting still: when a man returns from the dead, what will it take to satisfy his needs?

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