Friday Reads | The Paranormal Detection Agency by Anne Brooke

ThePNRDetectionAgencyI’m gonna be real quick today because the sauna is getting hot and my girls are getting impatient – every Friday my husband is home we have ourselves a sauna. But first, some reading. This week I’ve read The Paranormal Detection Agency by Anne Brooke.

Jack Atkinson is running an agency where he helps people out with their paranormal problems. Aaron Riley has a paranormal problem…or several, but one really big, he doesn’t really believe in ghosts and stuff but at this point, he’s willing to do anything to get the problem in his kitchen sorted. Sparks fly while Jack is trying to help Aaron.

The Paranormal Detection Agency is a short fun read with a little of a paranormal mystery to it. I really liked Jack and the unusual creatures that showed up in during the story. If you like paranormal stories and want something a little different you should check it out. *

51wrcyoh1ol-_sy346_When paranormal investigator Jack Atkinson meets new client Aaron Riley, he doesn’t expect the level of attraction he instantly feels for the man. Neither does he expect the kind of haunting Aaron describes, which Jack is determined to solve.
After their first official client meeting, the two men launch themselves into a passionate encounter, which Jack is keen to continue. Aaron’s attentions, however, are focused on the need to rid himself of the ghosts haunting his new home.
Jack and his trusty assistant and aunt, Miranda, investigate further, and soon discover how family secrets can run deeper than even Jack imagined. Will the truth destroy Jack and Aaron’s budding relationship, or are they strong enough to survive it?

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