Monster Till Midnight

Halloween! We have arrived, people.

I’ve picked stories after species up until now, but today I went with the story that had a pumpkin on the cover, and I did not regret it for a second.

Monster Till Midnight by E.J. Russell is a delight. I haven’t read anything by Ms Russell before, can’t even remember seeing her name which I must have because I realised she has quite a lot out there, but her books must have swished by in my feed without me noticing. Not any more, though. I really enjoyed this.

Brady loves Halloween, he loves haunted houses, costumes, and scary props so of course, he’s gonna have a haunted house. He spends days arranging it, advertising in town, and perfecting everything, but no one comes.

Well, someone comes. Rej, arrives and shoots Brady’s vampire. While talking to Rej and contemplating calling 911 he realises the pumpkin mask he’s wearing is blinking when he’s blinking, frowning when he’s frowning, and smiling when he’s smiling.

Rej is an Interdimensional Law Enforcement officer out hunting bad guys through different time threads…or something, time travelling is way too complicated for me LOL, and he recognises the evil mastermind behind Brady’s transformation.

I loved this story and I will head over to E.J. Russell’s website and see what else she has to offer. This will not be the last thing I read by her. *

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42509627Brady dearly loves Halloween. But the haunted house extravaganza he staged in his new town–in a house that’s actually supposed to be haunted–is a total bust. But then, an unexpected visitor barges out of his corn maze…


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