Possession in Session

For today I’ve read Possession in Session by E.J. Russell. You get this story by signing up for E.J.’s newsletter.

About a year ago I read Monster till Midnight and loved it, so I figured Possession in Session would be a nice little pastime.

I loved this! I seldom read about demons, I don’t know why that is, but not many demons end up in my shopping cart. AJ is a demon who has been bound to evil magicians for centuries, but after he manages to get free he gets a position at a paranormal hospital.

Wash is a witch, but there is something wrong with him. A witch can’t function with a familiar, and no familiar is willing to work with him. Without being able to do magic he can’t be more than an orderly in the hospital. He is trying to be happy, trying not to be too disappointed in never being able to become something more, but then he meets AJ.

There is an attraction, sure, but that can’t explain the strange things that are happening between AJ and Wash, and after the events of one chaotic day at the hospital they realise they can never go back to the way things were.

A fun read perfect for October when Halloween is just around the corner. And I do think I need to read more demons…and more by E.J. Russell.

Possession in sessionPossession in Session is set in the Mythmatched story ‘verse. It takes place chronologically after Demon on the Down-Low, but although a couple of characters from the earlier books in the series are mentioned, it’s mostly a stand-alone story (about 18K words).

After centuries of being bound to one greedy magician after another, Auni-jel-Chandu broke free and retreated to Sheol, outcast even among other demons. But then the Realm Accords passed, and suddenly he’s thrust into the Sheol Retraining Initiative as the newest supernatural medical technician student at United Memorial Hospital (aka St. Stupid’s).

Death and untold destruction are sure to follow. Aren’t they?

Wash Hernández might be a dud witch—he’d never been ablee to attract a familiar, so he’s as magic-null as any human—but as a St. Stupid’s orderly, he’s still able to assist supernatural beings who need medical care. But when he meets a bewildered naked demon wandering the hospital corridors and forms an instant connection, he’s not certain who needs help the most.

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