Marked by Joely Skye

For today’s post, I’ve read Marked (Northern Shifters #1) by Joely Skye. The last pages I read clutching the phone so I wouldn’t drop into the pots on the stove while I was making dinner LOL.

I was in the mood for a werewolf story so when I saw this in my stack of books (list of ebooks LOL) I figured it’d fit the bill. A year ago Alec was drugged and attacked by a group of werewolves, he doesn’t remember much, but he does remember them, and despite what anyone else might say about his sanity, he has the scars to prove it. Now he hides in the library where he works and never goes outdoors after dark and never ever if there is a full moon.

Liam is a werewolf, an alpha, who will do anything to protect his little brother, Ira, who was abducted by a group of nasty werewolves. Together with some friends, he managed to save his little brother, but the incident has changed Ira. The eight-year-old is scared and insecure and has a hard time trusting people so when he connects with the man working in the library Liam goes to have a sniff around.

Alec is Liam’s mate, but the scars mark him as prey, and Liam knows it’s only a matter of time before the group of rough wolves will come back to take his mate and little brother away from him.

I enjoyed this, liked the plot, but I was a bit confused at times, a little more of a background story probably would’ve helped with that. And, I know this is a series so maybe everything will be ironed out if I read the next book, but I would’ve loved to see a more solid ending. Still, an entertaining read if you’re into shifters.

Sadly it looks like this book no longer is available and when looking around, I can’t find anything about Joely Skye either.

MarkedMarked as prey, Alec refuses to fall for a werewolf. Until he’s forced to turn to Liam for protection.

Alec Ryerson carries a scar over his heart and scars on his psyche, ugly reminders of a nightmare that still doesn’t seem quite real. Even a year later, he stays inside on full-moon nights and avoids most people until he meets the strange and beautiful Liam.

Liam feels an undeniable pull toward Alec. However Liam is a werewolf; Alec is a human who clearly has trepidations about a relationship. Then Liam discovers he is not the first werewolf Alec has encountered. Alec has been marked for death by the murderous “quad,” a group of twisted werewolves who prey on humans. Now the quad’s sights are set on recruiting Liam’s eight-year-old brother into their murderous pack.

Liam will do everything in his power to protect both his brother and Alec from the wolves, even if it means calling in favors and killing those with whom he once ran. Because Alec, like it or not, is Liam’s chosen mate.

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