Stay Sane During the Social Isolation

Are you wondering how you will endure the isolation? Some of us are doing pretty well with it, some are going stir crazy. These last few days, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media about how extroverts are suffering – I get that. Had the recommendations been the opposite and we were forced to stay in crowds at all times, I’d be a wreck by now.

But as long as you have access to the internet, the world isn’t that far away. So drag some people together and have an online party. It can be one where you open a bottle of wine and chat away with your closest friends or a more (sober) public one.

Join an Online Party

magazinesIf you feel that you need some social interaction, hop on over to M/M Book Rec on Facebook. They’re celebrating hitting 10.000 members and right now there’s a 10 Days of Giveaways Event running. 100 authors and other people in the business post a little something about themselves and do a giveaway where you are to comment with either an image, a recommendation, or something else. All giveaways run to the 30th of March so you can jump in on them all the way up till then.

I will run a giveaway on the 28th.

giveaway MM Book Rec


Every author I know is trying to do something to help take the mind off the virus and the financial worry many are dealing with right now. It’s not easy, but reading helps you escape reality for a while, so stock up on books.

This week over 60 titles are free over JMS-Books so you still have a couple of days to grab those you find interesting. My contribution is Nine Stones, and you can get it here. And while you’re over at JMS, scroll down to the bottom and sign up for their newsletter. There will be a time after the virus where books still will be released, and by signing up, you’ll get the latest news.

Form yesterday and all the way up to April 20th, Smashwords is having an Authors Give Back Sale. You can get books for 30% off, 60% off, and some will be free. Here are links to my books that are in the sale:

30% off

Turning Woods

Pine Tree Mary

Nine Stones

The Maddest of Men 

The Lords of Lettuce 

Jaeger’s Lost and Found

It Doesn’t Translate

60% off

Legendary Love Vol 1

Buried Desires 3

Buried Desires 2

Buried Desires 1

The Snowflake

Once Around Seven

Once in the Underworld

Once in May

Once in a Forest

Once in a Snowstorm

The Deadly Sugar Collection

Deadly Lies

Deadly Sugar


Seasons of Love

Never Too Late

Love Unlocked

Do a Reading Challenge

A rainbow square of book coversI like reading challenges. If you do too, you can find loads of them in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group, or you can join me in an A – Z Title challenge or why not Read a Rainbow where you pick books by the colour of their covers.

I’m a Pinterest kind of girl, so I’ve made a board called Read a Rainbow where I’ve sorted books by the colour of their cover. I also have boards for Titles and Character Names (if you want to do an A – Z Character Name Challenge).

So those are my suggestions, and yes I do realise they’re all book-related, but what did you expect? LOL

Or, you can do what I do right now, and plan your garden (if you have one) because like Marcus Tullius Cicero said:

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

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