Quarantine Reading

I was trying to come up with a good word on Q to have a headline of alliterations (Swedish is a germanic language, the early verses of the germanic languages were built on alliterations and repetition, and I might not have worked as a teacher for the last ten years, but deep down I’m still a Swedish teacher who finds history of language interesting.) but Quotable Quality Quarantine Reading didn’t seem like a good idea. And While Quiddich works with most things, Quarantine isn’t one of them….or, maybe it is LOL.

Ok, enough with the craziness! JMS-Books is running another giveaway. These are hard times, and we all need something to distract us with, therefore several authors have come together to offer you a whole bunch of titles that will be free for the rest of the week.

You’ll find all the titles here!

This time around, I’m giving away Jaeger’s Lost and Found. I loved writing it so much! It’s a paranormal little tale of 28k words. It has a vampire about to die, and finder who’s, reluctantly, trying to help him.

You’ll find an excerpt here.

Thunder and rain at Jaeger's Lost & Found

Jaeger’s Lost & Found is the only finder shop to be had on the whole of the west coast. The problem is, Archibald Jaeger, the last of the Jaeger line, seems to be defective. A result of too many generations of crossbreeding with humans. But Jaegers are finders, and there’s nothing to be done about it.

Gael Murray has lost his connections. A vampire can’t survive without the energy exchange he has with the members of his coven through mental links. And, as of this morning, they’ve all vanished. Gael will die if he doesn’t reinstate his connections through a blood exchange. And his only hope to find the other members of his coven is to hire a finder.

Even a terrible finder is better than no finder at all.

Together they set out to save Gael’s life, but what was an already difficult task becomes nearly insurmountable. And Archie, who can never find what he’s looking for, finds himself falling in love with a man he’ll be hard pressed to save.


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