Alternative Prime Day Sale


Every year, Amazon has a Prime Day Sale, and JMS-Books is having a sale for all of us (and those who are) who aren’t Prime members.

Today and tomorrow, all ebooks in the entire shop are 50% off, and you get paperbacks for $8 only.

My books are:

  • Banger Challenge – contemporary road trip story with a super shy cop
  • Black Bird – paranormal mate-or-die story with a werewolf and a caladrius bird
  • Crazy Joe – a contemporary second chance story about a teacher running into his teenage crush
  • Cup o’ Sugar – super-short werewolf romance with a psychic barista
  • Elevator Pitch – A bear and bat shifter with claustrophobia are stuck in an elevator
  • Jaeger’s Lost and Found – a psychic trying to save a vampire’s life by finding his coven
  • Legendary Loves Vol 1 – three stories about mythical beings
  • Nine Stones – a cat shifter has the hots for his neighbour, the neighbour prefer birds
  • Pine Tree Mary – Hush is a pine three mary, a forest nymph, who trades with a drug dealer and end up meeting a cop (part of Legendary Loves)
  • Quinny, Focus! – contemporary story about clueless Quinny who flirts with his neighbour during lockdown
  • Soul Eater – Thaddeus is a wizard who happens to call forth a ghost who happens to be a werewolf and he happens to be the werewolf’s mate. Too bad he hates werewolves and the werewolf in question hates wizards. Coming October 31st, 50% off on pre-orders
  • Turning Wood – contemporary Christmas hurt-comfort story
  • When Skies Are Gray – contemporary age-gap story

And you’ll find them all here!

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