Super Bowl Sale

Supeball saleSo… I had to google to know what sport we were talking here – football. And not the kind of football where you use your feet to dribble a ball across a field, no the kind where the ball isn’t even round, and the players pick it up with their hands. Football.

It doesn’t matter, I’m not watching whether it’s football or football (soccer), and luckily for all the others who are like me, JMS Books are thinking of us. Today there’s a sale – 50% off on all ebooks! That includes pre-orders.

Covers#PictaBook – 36k contemporary gay romance (pre-order)

2020 Top Ten Gay Romance – anthology with the best-selling gay romance short stories during 2020 (including Turning Wood)

24 Dates – 38k contemporary gay romance

Banger Challenge – 31k contemporary gay romance

Black Bird – 58k paranormal gay romance

Crazy Joe – 17k contemporary gay romance

Cup o’ Sugar – 4k paranormal romance

Elevator Pitch – 11k paranormal gay romance

Jaeger’s Lost and Found – 28k paranormal gay romance

Kisses and Cabins – 13k contemporary gay romance (pre-order)

Legendary Loves Vol 1 – 71k paranormal gay romance (including Pine Tree Mary)

Mind Scrambler (Rockshade’s PID #2) – 53k paranormal gay romance

Nine Stones – 24k paranormal gay romance

Pine Tree Mary – 29k paranormal gay romance

Quinny, Focus! – 11k contemporary gay romance

Soul Eater (Rockshade’s PID #1) – 51k paranormal gay romance

Turning Wood – 14k contemporary gay romance

When Skies Are Gray – 16k contemporary gay romance

You find them all here!

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