The Healing Power of *

Now I know where all my money went!

So here we have hurt-comfort books or the healing power of sperm books as I often say. This is without a doubt my favourite trope or theme or whatever you want to call it. Give me a guy who’s been through hell, make him suffer, give him scars and PTSD and what have you, and then give him someone to love.

This is a mix of some pretty dark and some not so dark books, but what they all have in common is that the MC(s) has to overwin his doubts and fears to be happy.



16005260 A Casual Weekend Thing Acrobat

Adverse Effects  Afflicted 28379366

11796124 25454650 After Midnight

A Little Christmas Magic 26009155 Among the Living

And So is Love 6348864 11096298

16095148 15847019 13314897

Assimilation, Love, and other human oddities 8294330

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628283 Bare-Knuckle Love 121567591

25835612 10835196 8660470

Billie Jean 18130678 Blood of a Leo

Bloodraven Blood and Thunder 13086523

17311171 Body and Soul 17252631 Born Under a Blue Moon 23612560 6846322 161536461 15769299

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Called to Mate Camp Hell  Captive Prince

Captive Prince Catch a Ghost Change of Heart

Chasing Seth 2776281 Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts

123930291 Close Protection 178290831

26834905 Coming Home Continental Divide

13558062 Criss Cross Crush


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26153131 Dark Space Daylight Again

18007819 Delivery with a smile Dirty Deeds

Dirty Laundry 12384681 18043694

18513700 Drawn Together 35277527

Duck! 7132358

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3916177 Esperanza 15833525


4801582 Falling in Love With Crazy Fallocaust

7079015 fawn Finally His Finding a Tomorrow 3813926 8079528 Fish and Chips 20744085 Forbidden Broadway 4162723 51oigfjwmel Frog 25770488

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Gasp! 6690546 Ghost TV

22575681 22446836 Guarding January

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16123924 13450049 Hard Fall

Hard Tail Hawk's Pretty Baby Heartsong

12562184 11925585 Hexbreaker

His Name Was Harley Manfield Hot Head Houseboat on the Nile

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit

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If I should Stumble I'll be you drill, soldier In Dreams Inertia 16192930 18690234 In the company of shadows 25687508 17213054

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7885847 Jonathan's Hope 18068792

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Let it Go 17665914 8481480

11277601 Life, Over Easy 8829138

Liquid Glass 13163194 Long Time Gone

14760824 15998792 17853573

Lover at Last Love You So Hard 6070628


10565362 Measure of Devotion 5522148

Mind Fuck 13455726 Muscling Through



18164695 Nobody's Butterfly 3091382

18003646 7317546 16998041

Not my spook Not My Wolf 24979204

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Once Around Seven Once in a Snowstorm 31699499

Once in the Underworld  One of Those Days One Small Thing

Only Love  Out of Nowhere 18187566


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13504947 6465468 Play It Again, Charlie

Point of No Return Pray The Gay Away Pretty Poison

Prisoner 374215 Protection

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Raising Cade 187443561 6064286

Reclamation 5820384 Reifu Rising

7770907 Rescue Me 10766825

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Scar 12142740 7507553

16045520 Secrets 6416666

Seven 188418581 Shades of Gray

13420351 Shelter from the Storm 18005253

Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! 10853436 14769258

Sidelined Sign of Spring Sinner's Gin

Six Six Ways From Sunday 7379685

Salve Auction 18487180  Snowflakes and Embers

28335180 18043684 Speechless

Spook Squad 10487713 18044406

Sticks and Stones 32322075 Strain

8578533 St-st-stuffed 16240541

Sunshine's Savior

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88556151 35454652 7823352

23462698 Ten Simple Tips For Surviving the Apocalypse The Angel of 13th Street

The Beast Within 20528263 11787715

16123293 The Christmas Throwaway 16036344

19183177 The Disassembled Life of Duncan Cole 12915042

The Experiment The Forest Savage 613268

17305783 20529031 23308282

29363878 23963387 5975704

13345731 The Magpie Lord 7364008

The Novelty Maker The Obsession The one That Got Away

18195475 The Red King 22034261

9560621 18138621 The Tin Star

The Truth about Riley 9302421 Training Season

18069488 The Trouble with Tony 18102744

5966593 22499313 18304762

Threshold 8758313 20645398

8262461 21850205

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Undeniable Magnetism 4827683



Watching Elijah Fall 51hlwo5tlhl 13030951

18586923 6320476 When Skies Have Fallen

When One Door Opens 10150597 Where Willows Won't Grow

Whitetail Rock 35080593 Wild Summer

62247 Wolf's Honor Wolf Hunter

Working it

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29893105 16141334


Yakuza Courage Yakuza Pride 18129160

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